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Welcome to the Alaskan Troller website. Thank you for visiting! Alaskan Troller is a book about a man’s journey from being a land-locked South Dakotan to a troller fishing commercially out of Southeast Alaska for over 30 years. Take a look at the free preview of the book, comment if you have already read it or would like to get more information, and take a look at the pictures section!

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6 Responses to Alaskan Troller

  1. Hello from a distant cousin of Marlene’s. Aunt Irene White was my dad’s sister. I am anxious to purchase and read your book. It sounds amazing and also gives me a picture of a life I cannot imagine. Kudos to all who worked on the project.
    Madonna Leimer

    • admin says:

      Wonderful to hear from you! Feel free to use the order book link here to order a copy and we will send it out ASAP!.

    • Marlene says:

      What a great surprise for me when I saw your comments on our website! I often think of trying to visit some of our family links, every time we make a trip south. If you haven’t ordered a book yet, let me know and we will mail you a signed copy from here! My husband will be as pleased to hear from you as I am. Thanks again, Your also distant cousin, Marlene Merritt, Granddaughter to Ed and Irene Venner White.

  2. Madonna Leimer says:

    Marlene and Butch,

    Haven’t checked this website for awhile. Today when your book arrived I was so excited. Had tried to order on line but I am not much of a techy and put it off for later, thus later didn’t happen. Many thanks, the $ and a note will be sent off very soon. Again, thanks. Can’t wait to turn the pages. Ron, your bio is so interesting, proof that success is within the person, the education just makes it happen a little easier.

    Madonna Venner Leimer

  3. Davave Harmane Harman says:

    I would like to purchase this book by check and do not mind waiting on it to clear for you to ship if you have an address for that I would love to buy this book. I am attempting right now to do the same thing you did. I have a son in Juneau and i am getting long in the tooth. I am right now looking for a vessel and hope to start trolling. I am hoping to pick up some of your wisdom you have accrued over the years.
    Thank you

  4. Jon Anderson says:

    Interesting to hear your from South Dakota. I live in the black hills. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to move to Alaska. Would you have any advise on moving up there. Would it be possible to start fishing these days and make a living. Look forward to visiting on this subject.
    Jon Anderson

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